Why Build A Bath & Kitchen Removes Mold & Rot

Build A Bath & Kitchen Works on Interiors First

There is a reason why Build A Bath & Kitchen doesn’t begin their projects until mold and rot have been properly removed – it’s so that you can enjoy your new bath or kitchen with a clean slate. Mold and rot don’t magically disappear with the addition of a new bath or shower, they will just continue to grow and eat away at your home’s structure. On top of this, mold can have a negative impact on your health, causing throat and eye irritation, stuffy noses, and wheezing. 

If you were to install a new shower or bath over mold or rot, it’s the equivalent of putting a small bandage on a wound that obviously needs stitches. We want you to be happy with your new remodel and part of that happiness means first taking care of what isn’t seen by the homeowner. Older homes are more likely to have mold or rot issues, but even newer homes can show signs of mold or rot due to leaky pipes. 

Removing mold or rot and making necessary repairs prior to starting a kitchen or bath remodel shouldn’t be seen as an inconvenience, it’s a favor. You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of any mold or rot that is found while we are working because we are focused on putting our customers first. Build A Bath & Kitchen knows what mold and rot can lead to and we want our customers to fully enjoy their new bath or kitchen. 

Trust Build A Bath & Kitchen to get the job done right the first time, which includes fixing things that have gone wrong before we begin. Learn more about how our process works and how you can get on your way to the custom bathroom or kitchen of your dreams!


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