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BUILD A BATH & KITCHEN’S Story, Experience, and Values

Andy Crosby, founder of Build A Bath & Kitchen, grew up in a small town in the Midwest where a lot of his core values of honesty, integrity, doing what’s right, and helping others came from small-town living. 

Andy’s father was an electrician with multiple rental properties that always needed work. As a result, Andy was busy with pouring concrete, building decks, sheds, and endless mowing. There was always remodeling going on at Crosby home. At the age of 12, Andy finished the family’s basement and built his own bedroom. At 13, he remodeled his first bathroom. Fast forward to high school, Andy had learned to draft and won awards for his work.

To further his craftsmanship education, Andy took part in his high school’s Building Trades Program. For three hours a day, they worked on building a home from the ground up. Andy stood out as the only kid with a full set of hand and power tools in the class. In this class, Andy learned the terminology, ability to estimate materials and even got to build a home.

From then on, Andy knew what he wanted – to be respected as a hard-working carpenter and contractor, having the ability to help others create their dream home.

The day after graduating high school, Andy drove his truck full of tools 2,000 miles away to the mountains of Idaho. There he quickly secured a job with a crew of three, building mountain homes. The team built log, timber frame, and conventional homes. 

Andy later became a foreman for a roofing, siding, and remodeling company. After a few years, and a few more tools, Andy decided it was time to start his own business, Crosby Construction at the age of 23. 

Andy ran Crosby Construction for 12 years before moving to Colorado, doing everything you could think of to homes. Remodeling, room additions, garages, porches, decks, kitchens, and bathrooms, you name it.

While on a snowboarding trip, Andy met his now wife and moved to Colorado to be with her. He went on to work for a large remodeling company based in Denver. After being exhausted from years of remodeling bathroom after bathroom, Andy knew something had to change. Realizing that he needed to widen his skill set and business acumen, Andy started working on his own personal development. 

Andy worked his way into a sales position and became one of the best in the company, but he was unimpressed with how one of his customers was being treated. Knowing that he wanted to help people, this was when he decided to create Build A Bath & Kitchen.

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