Increase Your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a Bathroom Is One of the Best Investments in a Home

A major selling point in any home is a well-done bathroom. Because a bathroom is used so frequently, prospective buyers are more inclined to choose a home based on whether or not the bathroom possesses updated fixtures, better lighting, luxurious showers or baths, heated tiles, elegant countertops, and other head-turning plumbing fixtures. With a new bathroom, you can increase the listing price of your home and get more out of your investment – giving you more power as a seller. 

An ideal way to improve your home’s value with a bathroom remodel is to think modem, practical, and elegant. Don’t buy into the “latest bathroom trends” and paint your walls bizarre colors or put in edgy-looking plumbing fixtures as these can quickly make your bathroom look dated within a matter of years. 

The best bathroom remodeling updates include:

  • Steam shower
  • Heated flooring
  • Double sinks
  • Storage areas
  • Energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Brighter light fixtures

Of course, nothing beats investing in any necessary repairs such as, leaks, mold, rot, or cracks – because what’s the good of a beautiful new bathroom if the pipes are leaking? No matter how stunning the bathroom, no home buyer wants to have to worry about pouring money into home repairs after purchase. 

Bathroom remodeling companies like Build A Bath & Kitchen remodel bathrooms from the inside out. It’s not enough to install a new shower over rot or mold, they go in and clean and repair any necessary maintenance needs before starting a bathroom remodeling project. Once completed, Build A Bath & Kitchen will work hard to update your bathroom in just a matter of weeks. Trust Build A Bath & Kitchen to not only construct a stunning new bathroom but to help increase your home value as well. Contact Build A Bath & Kitchen today for a consultation!


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