Can a Kitchen Remodel Be a Tax Write-Off?

Remodeling a Kitchen Can Pay Off Come Tax Time

It’s true that remodeling a kitchen will raise a home’s value, but were you aware that certain remodeling work can be a tax write-off? Making a kitchen more energy efficient or accommodating to individuals with a disability can absolutely be tacked on to a list of tax deductible items.

Energy-efficient kitchen renovations include:

  • Replacing old, outdating plumbing 
  • Ultra-low flow fixtures
  • Using Energy Star appliances 
  • Energy-efficient overhead lighting and fans

Handicapped-accessible kitchen remodeling work involves:

  • Lowering or removing cabinets and countertops
  • Rearrange outlets and light switches to a more appropriate height
  • Installing a sink at a lower height

Whether you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint or are working to accommodate physical limitations, know that there are financial benefits to making this investment. Remember, if it’s good for the planet as well as for those who need special accommodations, a tax write-off is within reach. If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen based around any of these needs, trust Build A Bath & Kitchen to get the job done.


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