Bathroom Design Trends for 2020

Update Your Bathroom with These Remodeling Ideas

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Think your bathroom could use a design refresh for the new decade? Check out these trends for 2020 that’ll breathe new life into your home’s overall look. 

Marble’s luxurious appeal will make your feel like you’re relaxing in a four-star hotel

Darker Color Palette
Deeper tones provide a more relaxing vibe and an ultra-cool feel.

Statement Mirrors
Large Mirrors not only make your bathroom feel larger, but they also add a fun kick of personality.

Natural Light 
Lower your energy bill and get more light into your bathroom with the addition of a raised window or skylight. Having more light will also get you energized for those early-morning wake-up calls.

Bring in Greenery 
Adding plant life to your bathroom not only improves home air quality but has also been shown to improve overall mental health. Bathrooms can now be designed to incorporate indoor gardens, giving you your own personal Garden of Eden.

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