Avoid These Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes!

Don’t Destroy Your Bathroom With These Costly Blunders

There’s a lot that could go wrong during a home bathroom renovation. Ask any plumber. If you’re going to tackle the project yourself, some of the most important issues can be easily addressed by planning ahead. Experts agree that these are the most common mistakes to avoid when planning your dream bathroom renovation. 


Save the decorating until further down the line; you first want to make sure the layout of your space is comfortable and practical, along with ensuring that the plumbing is up to code. Nobody likes having to use a toilet in an overly-cramped space. While it can be an easy mistake to make, your future self will thank you for thinking ahead. 


It’s easy to forget or take for granted, but the climate of your water-closet is a rollercoaster of humidity and temperature. Not only do you want to be sure the materials you use in the room will hold up to all that stress, but a clean and well-maintained exhaust fan is essential to prolonging the life of your remodel.


Most people don’t think about bathroom storage or shelving space until they run out. Think ahead about ALL of the storage space that you’ll need to save yourself some stress down the road. If you sacrifice functionality for looking fancy, you might find yourself keeping a plunger in a hallway closet, and nobody enjoys that. 


It may not factor in until later in the planning process, but good bathroom lighting can make or break a room’s ambiance. If your bathroom has exterior windows—use them! Let the natural light in as much as possible (as long as you’re being mindful of what the neighbors can see through your bathroom window). If you have the room, try to space out the sources of light. Ideally, you could have three sconces—one above the bathroom mirror, and two on either side. 

There’s a lot that could go wrong when renovating a bathroom; but with a little forethought and plenty of planning, you can avoid these hiccups.  If you want a stress-free and affordable bathroom remodel, why not entrust your dream bathroom renovation to the professionals? Our team of affordable bathroom remodel experts has all the tools, expertise, and materials required to bring your dream bathroom to life!

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