6 Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is a commitment, but it’s absolutely worth it once you see the finished product. If you’re on the fence about remodeling your kitchen, here’s a list of things to look out for to determine if it’s time to get on the phone with Build A Bath & Kitchen. 

1. Your Appliances Are Broken or Outdated 

Older appliances are notorious for energy consumption and broken appliances serve no purpose other than to take up space. Swapping them out for newer, modern appliances can decrease your energy bills and keep your kitchen functioning properly. 

2. Difficult to Clean

Grout, pitted linoleum floors, and other older fixtures are next to impossible to properly clean. If you’re spending more time cleaning and scrubbing than you are cooking, you’re overdue for a kitchen upgrade.

3. No Storage Space

Cupboards, islands, shelves, and racks make a world of difference when it comes to storing your cookware, dishware, and cutlery in their own dedicated spaces. 

4. The Layout Is Too Cramped

Do you bump into your spouse every time you make dinner? Do you have to watch the edges of your countertops every time you turn the corner? Does your oven door smack into an opposing drawer handle each time you open it? Do you have an overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia every time you walk in your kitchen? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, your kitchen is far too small. Remodeling your kitchen can create a brand-new layout that opens up the area and frees up space.

5. Little Counter Space

Modern cooking devices, like food processors, KitchenAid mixers, and breadmakers all take up space and the last thing you need is to spend every last inch of counter space displaying them while the rest of your cookware can’t find a proper home.

6. You Want to Sell Your Home

If you want to increase your home’s overall value prior to selling, remodeling your kitchen is the way to go. In Denver, a home worth between $250,000-$350,000 can expect an increase in value between 5-6% With all-new appliances and fixtures ready to be put to good use, prospective buyers will be clamoring to purchase your home. The kitchen is a major selling point in any real estate listing and as the heart of the home, you want it to look as robust and functional as possible.


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